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Our Plumbing Supplies

We Cover All Your Plumbing Supply Needs

Tackle that next big plumbing project with the right tools. At Wallace Organization locations, we provide you with the plumbing products and septic systems that you will need for any size job. Visit our plumbing supply store today!

Plumbing Supplies

Trusted plumbing supplies that are guaranteed to last for decades.

Plumbing Products
Many of our sales associates have decades upon decades of hands-on experience and knowledge in the plumbing industry. They can walk you through projects that you may be working on, or guide you to solutions to problems you are facing.

Septic & Wastewater Solutions
Proper design and maintenance of your septic system provides effective treatment of household waste water and protects your biggest investment: your home. Allow us to assist you in choosing the proper system and maintenance products you need.

Our Products

With our experience, we can guide you in choosing the right plumbing and septic products for your individual needs, including:

Steel Pipe
Copper Pipe
Brass Pipe
Stainless Steel Pipe
Plastic Pipe (PVC, CPVC, ABS, PEX, Clear Vinyl)

Plumbing Water Tanks

Water Heaters
Water Pumps

Plumbing Check-up

Septic Tanks
Septic Chambers
Distribution Boxes
Septic Filters
Geo Textiles
Tank Risers
Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Water Tank